Release Date: 03.01.21.

Women's History Month

"Education, nonprofit, and corporate America have benefitted from the labor of Black women, while White women have upheld systemic oppression, racism and abuse under the veil of reform, diversity, equity, inclusion and even friendship.  There is a conversation we need to have as women."

Healer Auset Maryam #believeblackwomen

Auset Maryam

A practical and engaging resource workbook that invokes White women to examine their relationship with Black women.


An intentional love letter to White women and women who mimic them. A short book that deep dives into the interpersonal exchanges with the goal of Universal Sisterhood.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Illusion

The trendiness of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion work is reactionary to centuries of racism and oppression. In order to reach the intention and goals that DEI work defines, there must first be a reconciliation of the interpersonal exchanges that have contributed to the systems that uphold them. DEI is nothing more than an illusion until the deep dive self-work on both the executor and victor of these practices are addressed. Attempting to minimize the need for this work as just a systematic issue, creates an option for White people, women especially to not have to engage in the work at all.


Complacent Racist Anonymous  

Complacent Racist Anonymous is the act of addressing, dismantling and healing the outer and inner self-satisfaction accompanied by unawareness of the dangers and deficiencies of systematic oppression and racism. It is a multi-step approach to undergo a mindset shift that will rebuke the characteristics and behaviors that are abusive to other races and ethnicities. White people and people of color who mimic them benefit from CRA.


Universal Sisterhood

Black women will heal the world. In order to do that, there must be an acknowledgement of affinity sisterhoods. These sisterhoods are encouraged to face, address and heal the impact of the White women sisterhood void of whiteness and define the boundaries and expectations of exchanging with White women and other sisterhoods. This book honors the sacred space of sisterhood and provides ground rules for White sisterhood to deep dive and do the work to be equipped for healthy exchanges to heal the world.


Healing Workbook

Pointing out the abuse of White women is far more productive when tools are given to aid in the Universal sisterhood. DWW offers self-reflective journaling to build a strong commitment to the work. An honoring of the sacred self and White womanhood to reach the goal of creating a better world for our daughters.

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