Beautiful Evolution Institute

Beautiful Evolution Institute was formed and created to aid the world in healing through holistic modalities. Healer Auset has designed and created a curriculum for breakthrough evolution for anyone ready and willing to DO the work. 

"I see a lot of people who KNOW the work but don't DO the work. B.E.I. was birthed as an intensive for anyone who is tired of being tired. The courses are designed to penetrate your soul and invite you to dive deep. The radio show is to introduce folks to the work. I am honored and blessed to do this work."


  • CHAKRA COURSE- Intensive 30 day course done with cohort $300 per seat

  • H.A.A.R.T.- Healing African American Relationships Today $1,000 per seat

  • H.A.A.R.T. to H.E.A.R.T.- Healing Every American Relationship Today- Interpersonal relationships between African and White Americans $2,000 per seat

  • Spiritual and Energy Readings $200 Schedule Here