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"I don't have a secret sauce when I consult or coach. YOU are the secret sauce and my mission is to aid you in learning every ingredient to the special recipe.....YOU." 


Healer Auset Maryam

Auset is a fierce and bold leader who grounds her work in authenticity. Auset implements holistic approaches in healing to restore genuine human connectedness. A successful entrepreneur, Auset brings a wealth of wisdom, knowledge and expertise in both the non-profit and for-profit sector with first-hand experience of highs and lows and thoughtful insight on how to transform your lows so you can learn and grow. 


For over 10 years as a holistic indigenous healer, Auset combines these modalities to uncover clients natural gifts while magnifying the courage to strength to overcome obstacles with grace while remaining focused on the ultimate goals. 

"I have been 'Ausetted' and I recommend everyone I can to engage with Auset and her unique work. She aids in the process of growth and ascending to the next level of your life." J.R., client for 2 years

"As a coach or consultant, Auset brings out the best in you. That requires facing and examining what may not be serving you as well. Bringing Auset into the fold of your project or as a coach, will absolutely catapult you to the next phase of your mission." Client for 5 years

"To know that Auset has experience in turning a setback into a stepping stone was the greatest gift she gave me. She sees the moment to grow and heal in everything. She is a keeper." Client of 10 years